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What we do... Division 12

12 30 00 Manufactured Casework:

We custom fabricate and install all types of casework from simple apartment base and upper cabinets to complicated luxury condominium casework to commercial casework for schools, offices and medical facilities.

Our fabrication facility utilizes new technology and old school craftsmanship to produce any type of wood casework for your project. 

Wood veneer casework is finished in our onsite finishing facility.  There is no transportation costs, no handling fees and most of all no finger pointing.  We have the ability finish parts before, during and or after assembly providing a superior finish and insuring all surfaces are sealed.

Plastic laminate casework is usually prebonded to the desired substrate, but we also have equipment dedicated to efficiently layup any laminate on any substrate giving us the flexibility to do unique laminations without custom layup charges.

Our engineering department does all the programing and instructions for each part to ensure that everything works and fits together before we start cutting materials.  Once finished all products are thoroughly inspected to meet AWI and the Project specifications before they are packaged and shipped to the jobsite.  Since we are installing this work we take extra care in packaging and shipping to insure no damage occurs during transit, unloading and distribution. 

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